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Couple's Experiences

Lovers Ritual

The experience begins with a romantic couples bath, a warm sun bake incorporating essential oils & clay and a refreshing rinse. Followed by a private massage of your choice, this spa ritual is designed to bring couples closer together.
120 minutes | $710/$730

The Sensual Plunge

An intimate treatment for two beginning with a fragrant citrus & flower petal-infused soak. This indulgent experience culminates with a restorative couples massage.
90 minutes | $465/$485
120 minutes | $635/$655

Outdoor Duet Suite

Tucked away amid lush landscaping, this peaceful suite features a private lounge, outdoor shower and dual treatment cabanas for two. Subject to inclimate weather.
60 minutes | $370/$390
90 minutes | $540/$560

Elemental Wellness

Bespoke blends crafted with organic herbs and oils, seaweed & clay form a perfectly custom treatment. These harmonizing ingredients combine with nurturing therapies to promote vitality, purification & long-term wellness. Select treatments are offered Monday - Thursday at standard pricing. Premium prices apply on holidays and Friday - Sunday.

Elemental Massage

A soothing, mineral rich aromatic balm coupled with subtle, therapeutic movement serves as the alchemic medium in a massage designed to nurture and rejuvenate both mind & body.
90 minutes | $285/$295

The Restoration

This vichy treatment is perfect for athletes in need of a little R&R. As soothing as it is energizing, this ultra therapeutic
experience of nature’s healing elements combines the cleansing power of water with regenerative marine minerals to accelerate post-activity recovery.
90 minutes | $285/$295

Vitality Ritual

This stimulating therapy begins with a dry skin brushing & cleansing wash to prepare the body for absorption. A nourishing, mineral-rich body wrap fortifies the skin while a head massage and breathing meditation relaxes the mind. Finally, slip into an aromatic bath soak to cleanse & refresh. This unique treatment leaves you feeling invigorated and purified from head
to toe.
90 minutes | $285/$295

Wellbeing Ritual

Immerse the body in complete and total wellbeing with this signature ritual. Begin by relaxing with a restorative, aromatic soak. A body wrap follows, infused with a custom blend of minerals and algae to detoxify and remineralize the skin. The treatment culminates with a guided meditation & facial massage.
90 minutes | $285/$295

Signature Facials

Citrus Appeal

This antioxidant treatment relieves sun damaged skin & helps alleviate signs of premature aging. 100% pure Vitamin C stimulates collagen production and renews skins firmness.
75 minutes | $230/$240

Valencia Diamond Lift

Indulge in a genuine multisensory cosmetic lift that provides instant rejuvenation & clarity. A luxurious treatment exclusive to Rancho Valencia.
90 minutes | $345/$355

Wild Radiance

This custom facial is both luxurious and results-oriented. Skin is radiantly regenerated with a skin-softening honey & goji-berry mask followed by a refining polish. An herbal mask balances the skin in preparation for nourishing peptide serums and Vitamin C for a toned, dewy complexion.
60 minutes | $195/$205
90 minutes with Hand & Foot Treatment | $280/$290

The Classics

Treat yourself to our signature spa offerings.
Valencia Signature Massage (60 min)
Signature Facial (60 min)
Lunch at The Spa ($30 credit) | $345 (Mon-Thurs only) 

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